About Sia Partners

Who we are?

Sia Partners is a unique global management consulting firm and a pioneer of consulting 4.0. Through unparalleled industry expertise, we deliver superior value and tangible results for our clients. Our innovative approach has led us to welcome the disruption of AI, invest in our Data Science field, and develop consulting bots. Sia Partners is managed as a global partnership.

Sia Partners at a glance

Key Figures
  • 1999 Creation date

  • 21 Offices

  • 70 Partners

Our People
  • 1.200+ Consultants

  • 35+ Consulting Bots

  • 21 sectors and services

Our Clients
  • 1K Assignments per year

  • Key clients include 20% of Fortune 500

Our services breakdown
  • 15% Strategy

  • 65% Business Transformation

  • 15% IT and Digital Strategy

  • 5%   Data Science

Our Sectors of Expertise





& Media

Energy, Resources & Utilities

Transportation & Logistics


Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail



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